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our story

It is 'people talent' that grows the economy. Our humanness transforms into inventions, exports, community betterment and shareholder value.

If an organisation were a house, its foundations would be made of hearts and minds. It would fall without the hopes and dreams of talented people.

Thankfully, New Zealand is becoming less reliant on the wool off the sheep's back and more reliant on the power of great ideas to lift the value of products and services. People make ideas happen.

So, for employers, being a great talent magnet is key to flourishing in today's world.

Glasshouse believes that tomorrow's strongest organisations will be glass-like. They'll showcase their human foundations to the world - putting their culture and points-of-difference in plain view and using this transparency to attract and retain talent.

They'll realise the value of finding a great 'fit' and nurturing this with a supportive culture that encourages ideas to bloom and talent to flourish. What's in a name?