What's in a name?

A Glasshouse is a place where life blooms . . . it is a transparent, benevolent environment designed to allow its occupants to thrive unencumbered. .

The oldest civilisations evolved living in domes: round yurts, igloos and teepees.

There was a need for strong shelter, building materials were scarce and shelters had to be lightweight so they could be transported during migration.

Taking his inspiration from these earliest structures, Buckminster Fuller invented the world's strongest building form in 1954 - the Geodesic Dome, a sophisticated type of Glasshouse.

With unique connecting triangles, it becomes proportionally lighter and stronger, the larger it is.

We admire the qualities of the Geodesic Dome: its superior strength, transparency, economical energy use and its graceful, spherical beauty. What better analogy could there be for a business whose prime motivation is to help people and business flourish through the symmetry of a great fit?