Glasshouse Talent™ (in partnership with the authors listed) have brought together the following articles that we believe may be of interest to employers or those seeking talent. (Our tools to flourish with section has more practical how to's.)

title date author summary sector
Mind the Gap Feb 2005 QED Services Employers can increase turnover and improve staff morale by acknowledging that people of different generations may have different approaches to work, career and communication. All
Recruiting Talent Aug2007 b-Innovative Magazine (Auckland Chamber) In times of low unemployment and skills shortages companies cannot afford to make mistakes when looking for talent. Read this DIY guide targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises. All
Retaining Talent  Nov 2007  Glasshouse Talent™  Did you know that one lost employee can potentially cost four times what you paid them in salary? Read this article for four key strategies to increase staff retention.  All
Pharmaceutical Workforce Snapshot 2007  Aug 2007  Pharmacy Today Magazine  This short article provides a useful overview of the demographics happenings in the NZ Pharmaceutical Industry.  Healthcare
Metrosexual Sales On The Increase  Aug 2007  Pharmacy Today Magazine  Behold, there is a new niche emerging. Could ''men'' be the next largest segment of beauty and cosmetic products? In Japan the male skincare market has grown 13% in the last year alone ...  Healthcare