Pharmaceutical Workforce Shapshot 2007

This is a useful snapshot of the pharmaceutical workforce. Article supplied by Pharmacy Today Magazine.

Pharmacist numbers are up according to a recent demographics report issued by the Pharmacy Council.

As at 30 June, there were 1247 practising male pharmacists and 1642 female pharmacists.

This total of 2889 is up on 2801 in 2006 and 2787 in 2005.

Pharmacists in the 36-45 age group accounted for 26% of those practising, followed closely (23%) by those in the 46-55 age group and those aged 26-35 (21%).

The majority (64.7%) of pharmacists are New Zealand European, followed by European (9.9%); Chinese (7.1%); Indian (4.5%); Asian (2.1%); Maori (1.7%); Southeast Asian (0.6%); Pacific Island (0.3%) and African (0.1%).

Most pharmacists (34%) work in the Auckland region, followed by 12.5% working in Christchurch and 11.5% based in Wellington.

The majority of pharmacists (74%) work in community pharmacy, followed by hospital pharmacy (12%).

Pharmacists involved in teaching or research accounted for 3% each of the total type of work done, while those in the pharmaceutical industry and IPAs each accounted for 2%.

Most pharmacists (1268 out of 3004) work between 40 and 49 hours per week. " The other significant data is around the certificates of identity of those issued to the UK/Ireland, and the overall number issued, have decreased significantly over the past 12 months," Claire Paget-Hay, Pharmacy Council administration manager, says.

There was a 70% drop from 274 in 2006, to just 81 in 2007. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain now requires New Zealanders to undertake a further programme of study, a pre-registration training period and to sit an exam.

" This has no doubt acted as a deterrent and hence the drop in applications for a certificate of identity. "In the past, the majority of certificates of identity were issued for the UK and Ireland," Mrs Paget-Hay says.

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