what our clients say

"I have found Glasshouse Talent™ and, in particular, Kris Attewell to offer outstanding service. Kris's enthusiasm in ensuring she matches her candidayes to your needs is infectious and her profiling of candidates is extremely thorough, well researched and accurate. She is exceptional when it somes to keeping in contact and ensuring a top-quality service is provided. I would definitely recommend using Glasshouse Talent™ as a recruitment agency."

:: Kim Ahern

helpful links

For Salary Information visit:http://www.qedservices.co.nz
www.aucklandchamber.co.nz go to the b-fit section and look up salary guide. Note: this information is free but the organisation you work for must be a member to download it.

See also: www.seek.co.nz/career-resources/salary-centre/
For Psychometric Appraisal Information visit our partner QED:
As 'The Independent Business Psychologists' QED provides High Quality, Professional, Psychologically based Human Resource services to Organisations and Individuals.
See www.qedservices.co.nz

For Personal and Professional Development visit our partner Genratec:

For a wealth of information on the benefits of diversity in the workplace visit the EEO Trust:
See www.eeotrust.org.nz

For a ton of research on achieving work/life balance in your workplace:
See the Department of Labour's Work-Life Balance Project. There are how-to guides at:
See www.dol.govt.nz/worklife/

Employee Engagement - visit this site for an in-depth look at what makes for an engaging place to work:
See www.jra.co.nz/employeeengagementpublication.html