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How To Attract and Retain Talent In The Healthcare Sector

Kris Attewell of Glasshouse Recruitment offers four key recruiting tips for those responsible for recruiting and retaining talent in the healthcare sector.

As we know its 'people' talent that grows a healthy business. So what is the best way to attract and retain great talent in the healthcare sector when talent is so short?

The sector continues to be buoyant and has an air of confidence.
When talking about the future direction of the industry talk to international trends in wellness and assure people that this is an exciting sector on its way up. Show them projections and statistics to back up your views.

Calibre candidates are in hot demand and are being discerning about the roles they will look at.
Share the vision and values of your organisation. Excite them about the culture of your company as well as the future of the industry. Talk to them about being a part of an industry that is great for people where their contributions will make a difference.

Money is important but candidates are equally concerned about the right ''fit'' for them.
Research shows that personal and professional development are the major reasons people choose to change jobs. They are after ''daily meaning'' just as much as ''daily bread''. Talk to them about opportunities to learn and develop their skills, training and ongoing career development.

Top companies place significant emphasis on retention.
Does your organisation have a plan in place to retain great people? What are your policies on work-life balance? How does your employer brand stack up? If you don't have a strategy in place, speak to the experts about building one.

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