Pro-Formance Driven

Pro-Formance Driven is a human resource, training and development organisation that specialises in the design and implementation of customised business solutions. Established in 1996, the principals of Pro-Formance Driven are Ingrid Brodie and Joanne Hyland.


Pro-Formance Driven specialise in training in technical and complex industries. Pro-Formance Driven has become a familiar name in the medical, dental, scientific, pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), print and paper industries.

Pro-Formance Driven provide customised training through:

- In-house workshops that are researched and custom-designed to your staff, products, organisation and industry

- Open workshops for both healthcare and general sales and marketing organisations in New Zealand, at set dates throughout the year.

Pro-Formance Driven provide flexible Human Resource services through either:

- Supporting and supplementing existing HR systems within an organisation

- Design of strategic HR systems for organisations without existing processes

- Ongoing support for organisations without an HR department

In addition, Pro-Formance Driven offer coaching, product training, marketing project contracts and event management.