DIY Recruiting Checklist
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This checklist is an adjunct to the article called : ''Recruiting Talent'' written by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

  • Be honest and succinct in your advertising; you will save time and get more well-suited applicants.
  • Base your planning for a position around performance objectives - tasks are easier to prioritise, then look at key attributes, skills, technical, team or people issues.
  • A professional approach throughout the recruitment process will reflect your company's ethics and will be noticed by candidates.
  • Get S.M.A.R.T. when constructing your job profile: Be Specific, Measurable, Action-orientated, Results-focused and Time-based.
  • For key senior roles using a recruitment agency can be more cost-effective.
  • Be prepared to modify your requirements to consider qualified candidates who don't quite match your initial assessment of the role.
  • Get out of the traditional mindset when recruiting; consider all applicants including skilled migrants.
  • Contracting can be an option for SMEs looking for short-term solutions or wanting to test out an appointee, as recruitment mistakes can be costly.
  • Previous behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour; carefully scrutinise CVs; consider past work records and referees' input.
  • Be thorough and use the same template with all candidates for all aspects of the recruitment process, to avoid the 'halo' effect and ensure objectivity in decision making.

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