2. Research

Your Glasshouse Talent™ consultant will use their experience and knowledge of your specific needs to develop the most appropriate find methodology. This will be ascertained on an assignment-by-assignment basis and will typically entail a mixture of the following:

Talent Database

Glasshouse Talent™ has grown a talent database of over 20,000 candidates. As a company that prides itself on its service to the candidate as well as to the client, we are a respected name to which talented people are responsive.


Through consultants with years of industry specialisation in Healthcare, Services Sector, FMCG, Media, Import/Export and Manufacturing, we have cultivated a strong network of contacts in a variety of business sectors. These connections are invaluable in providing market intelligence and avenues through which to find talent.


In some cases we recommend executive search as the most appropriate method for finding talent. Search involves direct approaches to individuals possessing rare blends of skills and experience. Significant industry, company and individual research occurs before such approaches are made.


As you'd expect, new media plays a powerful role in the recruitment process. Typically, employment website advertising is the most successful means of generating applications. However, in some situations, print media including industry-specific publications will be recommended as a part of the find methodology.

Glasshouse Website

In addition to the avenues detailed here, Glasshouse Talent™ will list positions on its own website and adopt a rigorous search-engine strategy to ensure high ratings. Candidates will be able to apply online. Alerts will be generated so our consultants may ensure our usual, responsive service.