1. Selection

Once the research phase is complete, consultants will study the applications for best fit .


Glasshouse Talent™ subscribes to a blend of preference interviewing and behavioural-specific interviewing to assist in finding the right fit between candidate and employer.

Reference Checking:

No candidate will be presented to a client without first having been thoroughly reference checked. Reference reports will be compiled and presented to the client during the decision-making process.

Psychometric Appraisal:

Glasshouse Talent™TM partners with QED Services, a leading independent psychometric assessment company utilising a wide array of validated psychometric tools. Psychometric appraisal is available on request.

Qualification Validation:

This is a part of the standard recruitment process.

Other Checks:

Police background checks and credit reference checks are also available on request.


On completion of the selection phase, a Selection Recommendations Report is presented to the client. From here, Glasshouse Talent™ will arrange interviews between agreed candidates and employer. Your Glasshouse Talent™TM consultant will be in constant dialogue with you (and the candidates) throughout this process.


Once due consideration is completed and the decision made as to the best fit, Glasshouse Talent™ will make the job offer on behalf of the client and oversee all aspects of negotiation.